Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Facebook deactivation: day 5

To me he said mama
Tap tap tap
In distraction I shooed
Another tap, oh, yes?
Mama, come play
Feigned busyness responds
Oh soon, not just yet
Run along
I'll be along soon

To me he said mama
As I sit stoically staring
I turned to look him
Quietly in the eyes
Mama, come play
Deep into browns I pondered
My answer
No I said softly
He turned away

Would this gut wrenching scene
Be false
But is played out time and again
Only worse
Against my God
Who asks of me
To sit with Him
And in response
Without distraction
I decline

Today I feel like I'm becoming more aware of my spiritual surroundings.
I also am learning this lesson:
The Lord desires obedience, not sacrifice.
I can sacrifice fb but it still doesn't get to the heart. It's one less huge distraction but it's absence doesn't help me anymore to sit in the presence of God and commune with Him. The only thing that does that is obedience. It's strange to realize  that the heart of the matter is still my heart. Even in the quiet I have to willfully and obediently invite God in.

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