Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Spilled Milk

When my mind is fixed fully on Him
With space to allow us, God and I, 
To sit in silence
To pause, to breathe
I find the harder parts of child growing
Cannot weaken my resolve
...But I'm still learning 

See yesterday, the milk spilled.
So I sent daggers from my eyes 
To silence what was left of their joy

Subconscious expectations 
Daily invade my thoughts 
And weigh heavily on us both
Draped-gloom on tiny shoulders 

But He's creating a buffer for them
Around my old heart with His new 
He is stitching space to be

For when my mind and heart and strength are fixed
He supplies
My God supplies all of my needs
Not my children, they are free
It is my God

Come my darlings, 
Move freely around me despite the cup on the table ledge 
Because spilled milk, 
Really isn't so bad.

Pour out the cup that is grace-laced love 
Share in its abundance
For it's what grows the children up strong
It's what grows us up strong too

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