Thursday, October 15, 2015

If We Never Call On Grace

If we never call on grace
To pool in opened wounds
To run down open hands
To fill up wearied eyes
And patch up broken hearts
Grace for self
Grace for others
Grace for the way we see ourselves
And the way you see us
And the way we see you
If we never call on grace
We are a bleeding mess
You say disgusting
Yes, sometimes I am
I have never claimed to be more or less
Then a bloody mess
Did spewing shame satisfy? 
More words 
Will not stop the blood from draining from my face
Won't help the blood rushing to yours
Sometimes I don't know where to go from here
The impossible way forward
Grace for you
From me
From Him
To stop up your mouth and plug my ears 
While my eyes still see
And my hands still stretch
In grace 
And there's enough for us both
And I am trying
...'Because grace makes beauty
Out of ugly things'

Grace by U2

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